EXO Wins Awards at the Music Billboard Newcomers’ Awards Ceremony in China.


EXO Wins  Awards at the Music Billboard Newcomers’ Awards Ceremony in China.

First of all Congratulations to EXO!

EXO-M won the Best Group of The Year, while EXO (K+M) won the Best Outfits. I’m pretty touched by the fact that M got to win their first award for EXO in China, and even more that they got to win the Best Group of the Year, and they are rookies, so I can say I’m very happy and proud.

Their trajectory hasn’t been easy as many like to claim, “they get all the attention because they are from SM”, “they are so overrated, all the attention is because of SM”, etc.. And you know what, yeah, they get some attention, but not all because they are from SM, why? because SM is freaking huge everyone expects perfection from SMEnt, but these boys have been working pretty hard, Suho(K’s leader) trained for around 7 years before debuting and Kris 4, Lay is around that number too, and Kai too, thats a lot of blood,sweat, and tears. EXO’s debut has been planned for a lot of years, and just on 2011 LSM declared them as M1 and M2, and finally later on EXO (K+M).

The “fact” that many didn’t liked that they were 12, because Super Junior is 13+2=15, therefore 12 members meant that they were replacing SJ, what?that was pretty funny. Let’s be honest every group gets their fame and time, they eventually die down, but their music is what make them legends. The many teasers 23 teasers, and 2 “prologue” songs before  their debut many hated that, reality check thanks to those 23 teasers, and songs, is why when they debuted they gain so much popularity immediately, other groups do variety shows, EXO got teasers, it was a brilliant internet promotion by SM. Can you imagine how good it would have been this strategy back when Super Junior debuted (2005)? It would have been perfect, but hey technology is more advanced now. Kai did most of the choreography for his teasers (he got the most) but even their choreographer calls Kai perfection when it comes to dancing

“Shim Jaewon (one of EXO’s choreographer) talks about EXO K members dance skill (Shim Jaewon, along with Gregory Hwang from Beat Burger are History, MAMA and Angel’s choreographer. Also with several teasers’ moves)….

Kai: Perfection. That all I can say. Having various dance background is really an advantage for him. Smart and creative, he also creates the dance step in his own teasers. Full of improvisation, powerful and expressions. He once said that he didn’t want to sing, just do the dance instead. He has desire to learn break dance, hip-hop and many western dances as well in the future.”

cr:김선아, Sung Ah , translate by renren, via: whiteflame

source: weloveelfxotic

Let’s be honest when this kid dances, you can tell how much he loves dancing, he screams it.Many hated on him because he got too many teasers, others because “he looks like Taemin”, from SHINee, ironic they are best friends. Lets not forget the incident at M’s debut controversy, that it wasnt as bad as many made it seem, but the little comments do hurt. So their trajectory like many other artists hasn’t been easy, they got the support of their company, and of course the fans. Overrated no, just because they don’t fit your particular taste on music, it doesnt mean that they are overrated.

Back on topic, I’m very happy that they got their first award, from all the rookies of this year EXO is one of my top 3 choices, it think that they are very talented, vocal, dance, and rapping wise. Their debut wasn’t a noona I love you concept like many expected from SM, the song had a meaning, their mini-album was very well produced and it showed different genres of music, the dance wasn’t easy either, and a few injuries to go with it.

So I say congratulations EXO on your first award! Great job, you deserve it. Keep up the great work, and many can’t wait for you to make a comeback later on this year.

Excellent Job Boys!!

2 thoughts on “EXO Wins Awards at the Music Billboard Newcomers’ Awards Ceremony in China.

    1. you do know that there are other groups in China that also debuted that year? And that well they sing in MANDARIN AS WELL? I dont know, im just saying. Overrated in your opinion, then again when some of them trained from 4 to 7 years, I think that their fame is pretty much well deserved. But hey everyone is entitled to their opinion, now do something good with your life instead of looking up things related to EXO, to call them “overrated”….

      Have a great day/night

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