K-pop and rivalries (1/2)

In the world of music there will always be some type of rivalry. Rivalries come and go with each generation, new trends, new artists, but aren’t rivalries just an act, caused by both the media and the fans? Sometimes the artists do have it, I mean look at Chris Brown with that other guy, Frank Ocean (?).

But take for example, Lady Gaga and Nicki Minaj, many always said one is copying the other in their fashion sense, and all I’m saying is harajuku girls.

I could give you a whole post in the different types, but this post is not about that. There’s also the whole genre vs. genre, rock against rap, pop against rap, pop against rock, country against rap, etc… Honestly, the majority of the times the fans are the ones that create the rivalries between, well, fans. Different preferences clash when they meet, and especially when, for some reason, people just can’t respect others’ preferences and opinions. Now, in K-pop, in my humble opinion, “fans” take rivalries to a whole different level, just like pretty much everything.

On the last past days, SM announced Super Junior’s “world tour” and their 5th concert tour, Super Show 5. In less than 10 minutes, the incredible huge wave of V.I.Ps (BIGBANG fans) just had to say something among the lines they are copying BIGBANG. Bravo! Here’s the thing, some more like the majority of K-pop fans have created this “logic” that if a group did this no matter what you say you are 100% wrong. For 2011 to early 2012 Super Junior had their first world tour, Super Show 4, which was cut short due to problems out of SM’s control. So their tour was Asia and France which is why VIPs say it wasn’t and that BIGBANG was the first group to have a “real world wide tour.”  I just want to say something by no means I’m hating/bashing the artists or fans, but I have to say the most stuck up and arrogant fandom in K-pop -based on my experiences- it has to be V.I.P, honestly I would love for them to take a moment and think about why is their claim wrong (I’ll get to that), and stop making statements about how and why YG and their artists are the original ones… (I’ve been through that a thousand times, weird fashion sense doesn’t equal originality). However their SMTown tour did came to the USA.

The VIP and ELF rivalry is nothing new whatsoever, but with each fanwar it gets worst. Just like the old generations had their rivalries, this one and the upcoming ones, will have one, but to this day, one of the biggest rivalries has to be between these 2 fandoms, followed by SONES (SNSD’s fans) and Blackjacks (2NE1′s fans).  Two of the biggest groups, from 2 of the biggest companies, complete opposites. While one company steers its’ groups to a more bubblegum pop, danceable, influenced by European music, the other one steers its’ groups towards a more westernized music. This is why many fans clash, some just can’t accept that you don’t need weird fashion sense, westernized influenced music, expensive looking videos, to get popularity, or that you don’t need danceable, bubblegum, repetitive word pop songs, give the perfect guy vibe, to get popularity. BIGBANG and Super Junior are opposites, you can’t expect them to be the same.

Now about the  BIGBANG was the first group to have a “real world wide tour” thing, let’s be honest, and clarify this.

Let’s bring in JYJ.  For 2011 to 2012 these 3 former TVXQ members did a “world wide tour”  and I have to say I am proud of these boys because being under a lawsuit, no support from the media whatsoever, they are going far. The boys went to China, Taiwan, Thailand, Canada, United States, Tokyo, and South Korea. Hold up, add to that list the following please, Barcelona Spain, Berlin Germany, Santiago Chile, & Lima Peru. I am pretty sure that these 3 were the first ones to add  South America, and I’m even more sure that BIGBANG’s concert was after theirs, therefore, “BIGBANG was the first group to have a “real world wide tour” is invalid.  No disrespect, do your research before sitting behind the computer and start talking nonsense.

Another thing, while VIP focuses on creating a fanwar between ELF talking about how Asia and France its hardly a worldwide tour (which is true), stop and look at your own artists’ company, 2NE1′s worldwide tour was hardly a worldwide tour either, Asia + USA doesnt equal the world.

Another thing, props to SM for actually being one of the ones, or perhaps the first one, to make concerts outside South Korea. If SMent didn’t really made any of those SMTown concerts on the US, not even BIGBANG would have come to the US, except perhaps for the PSY effect. Let’s be honest those concerts helped a lot, people are forgetting that. Someone will always be the first one to make that step out of their comfort zone and take a risk to see how it goes.  Also other non-related SM acts, like the Hollywood bowl adds to it, and honestly it has nothing to do, with who went where first.

That being said, rivalries, what’s the point? Tell me exactly whats the point! Rivalries are another form of fanwars. There have been other “rivalries”. BEAST (top) against MBLAQ (bottom), is another popular “rivalry” even though their fandoms are more calm.  Interesting fact these two groups debuted with a difference of days between each other. MBLAQ received lots of attention more than BEAST, now they are both amazing groups. They aren’t really classified as “top” groups, but you ask me they are better than the “top” groups.

Another huge one, was definitely the Wonder Girls’ fans against SNSD’s fans.
When the 9 girls of Girls’ Generation (SNSD) debuted, Korea’s top girl group was Wonder Girls, while the girls dont really have a rivalry, the fans back then, had a bloodbath. I think I explained this in a few older posts, so quick reviews, Wonder Girls was Korea’s top girl group, SNSD popularity didn’t really grew until Gee, but before that they had to go through the whole fandoms hating on each other and a Black Ocean in between.

But let’s go old school…. back to those days when the rivalries were between SM fans and DSP fans…. For the late 1990′s SM’s H.O.T and DSP’s Sechskies 

The fans rivalry back then it wasn’t as big as for the groups right now, actually thanks to these two groups, the basic formula/outline for groups was created. To this day H.O.T is considered the first K-pop idol group. However check out these two groups style.

H.O.T (to this day one of my favorite songs)

Sechskies ( I tried so hard to find the video, but I couldn’t)

Honestly, they are different but they have something that are similar. However, groups do change, and yeah they disbanded, Kangta (H.O.T) still works under SM. Also H.O.T has to be the biggest influence in K-pop, they did it all! So hey, YG artists original? JYPE artists original? Get this through your heads, H.O.T are like the fathers of K-pop your idols look up to these guys, they are somehow shaped by these guys.

The same goes for girl groups, SES and Fin K.L

Again the rivalry was intense, it got fierce to say the least. SES had instant popularity, being completely honest, but Fin. K.L did catch up.

And entering the “second” generation, another rivalry, that for sure got intense, DBSK/TVXQ vs. SS501, and believe it or not, I love both groups, but SS501 was my first K-pop boyband ever, its safe to say that for me those 5 are my number one, but TVXQ, lets call it a tie, then….

Both groups were huge, fact is TVXQ was bigger, their fandom huge, but these groups, were successful, completely successful. Now the fans lets, leave it there….

Now what I’m trying to say is, that rivalries come and go, and there will always be there, but learn your “history” There were groups before your favorite one, that definitely helped shape your preferred one.

And I’m stoping this here, I’ll post a second part soon which is about last year’s rookies B.A.P vs EXO =.=

Finally an HD version!!!!

Part 2 (http://hallyuopinions.wordpress.com/2013/02/18/k-pop-and-rivalries-22/ )

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    • It gets worst, but I blame the company in some part as well. They promote their idols, as what every fan wants and give that impression, they want the fans to go all crazy over them but, when things get out of hand, they see it but don’t know what to do. I do agree boy groups’ fans are the worst, mostly because the majority of the “fandom” is made up, of immature girls, that fight over pretty much everything.

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